Why Research 4 Me Exists

Research 4 Me was founded as a social enterprise in 2017 to solve the wicked problem that 80% of clinical trials struggle to complete due to poor participation. This results in a huge waste of time, money and volunteer effort, and ultimately delays how quickly safe, needed, life changing and life saving treatments become available. 

While the public are generally highly supportive of health and medical research, there are lots of misconceptions that mean they aren't necessarily aware of the role they have in advancing medicine, what the benefits of clinical trials are, or how to go about getting involved. On the other side of the fence, those running trials often make assumptions about the patient populations they are seeking to help, what problems patients want addressed, where they exist, and what they are prepared to do/take to get better. This can result in trials that either don't work, don't respect participants lives or needs, or are run in the wrong places, and so don't recruit.

It is our aim to help make it easy for the public to learn about, find and get involved in trials, as advocates, participants and research partners, to help drive clinical trial success, improving and saving lives along the way. 

Our Business Model

Research4Me has a capacity-building, social enterprise model. We will provide training, support and project services for a fee to commercial and non-commercial clinical trials groups and organisations. A proportion of our revenue will be used to provide free or subsidised training, support and access to services for members of the public and non-profit partners, and to reward their engagement in the Research4Me communities. It is planned that community members will be able to redeem their rewards in various ways, including converting them into donations to our research-focussed non-profit partners, to further build capacity. 

Our Vision

Equity in Access to Clinical Trials: The choice to participate in and improve clinical trials should not be limited to the few with access to the right doctors and resources to make it happen.

Faster, Relevant, Respectful Clinical Trials: No-one should have to wait for treatments to become available just because trials struggle to recruit. There is a moral and ethical imperative to run trials that are well designed, planned, resourced and publicised, that address target population’s needs, and minimise burden to the participants and their families, to speed up how quickly and successfully trials recruit.

Public-Professional Partnership: Partnering the insights of patients and their families who have the lived experience of a condition, with the scientific and operational expertise of research professionals provide the community with greatest success of getting new treatments addressing patient needs

Our Mission

To empower people to learn about, participate in and partner effectively with researchers in making clinical trials better and faster, so treatments that address patient needs become available more quickly, and everyone has equal opportunity to benefit from participation in clinical trials.

Our Values

Passion: Turn up every day with a passion for making clinical research more accessible, a great experience, and better.

Making a Difference, with Urgency: Every day, our work has the potential to positively change people’s lives now or in the future. Helping speed up knowledge and treatments that might improve or save lives is why we do what we do.

Respect and empathy: Everyone we meet is on a journey, sometimes emotional, sometimes personal, sometimes professional, with experience and knowledge different from our own.  Treat people and the information they share with the same respect and empathy you would wish for yourself and those you love.

Collaboration: Actively listen, share, collaborate and explore new ideas. We don’t know what we might learn, or when or where the next great ideas may come. Be open and a great partner.

Integrity: Being honest, authentic and transparent in all our services and interactions is core to building the relationships of trust we want with each other, our community and clients.

Experience: Approach each day as a new opportunity to learn, give and grow, both personally and professionally. You never know what's around the corner.