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Our August newsletter provides our latest Australian-focussed activities, some newly started trials and events, as well as international stories about clinical trials, trial participant experiences, and involving the public in research and development.

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We are building a resource for you, based on what you tell us you want

The following opportunities enable you to engage with us, and help shape what Research4Me does to support you in learning about and getting involved in clinical trials.

Our Surveys

We don't know enough about your use of technology and clinical trial awareness and experience, to know where there is opportunity to better support you.

Tell us via the appropriate survey below a little more about you. The survey will take 10-20mins depending on the detail you provide, and can be done anonymously. In recognition of your donation of time, we will donate $5 for the first 100 surveys completed to one of the following Australian organisations supporting medical research:

The Unicorn Foundation (seeking a cure for neuroendocrine tumours)

The Sanfilippo Children's Foundation (seeking a cure for children with the rare and fatal genetic condition Sanfilippo Syndrome)

Love Your Sister (a village supporting cancer research)

Sep 20 Training Workshop

Join us in Sydney, 20 Sep, for a training workshop for researchers and members of the public interested in learning how to work together to improve clinical trials.

CLICK HERE for full details of the training and a registration form.

Complete our expressions of interest form prior to registering to receive a discount code that will save research professionals most of the registration fee.

Members of the public can attend for free. 

Join our #AusCT Twitterchat on clinical trials

These chats are a way for anyone with an interest in clinical trials, professional or public, to discussion various topics of interest.

The next chat is yet to be scheduled.

See links to previous chat summaries below:

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  • Jul17 - Cybersecurity and Clinical Trials
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  • Apr17 - Clinical Trials Participants & Incentives, Rewards, and Compensation
  • Mar17 - Ethical Challenges in Clinical Trials
  • Feb17 - The What, When, Who and How of Informing the Public About Clinical Trials
  • Nov16 - Let's Start Talking About Clinical Trials

#WhyClinicalTrialsMatter - a campaign to share stories about clinical trials

Before Research4Me was born, our founder launched the #WhyClinicalTrialsMatter hashtag as a way of collating resources and stories about clinical trials. It has an unbranded website, so anyone is free to use the hashtag without fear of promoting an organisation.  We continue to support this campaign and website, and facilitate the opportunity for people to share their stories of clinical trial involvement on its blog.

Please use the hashtag to share examples you see of why clinical trials matter, and contact us if you would like to tell your story on its blog.