We're developing a tool to make finding trials easier. In the meantime, either try one of the options below, or give us a call to talk to us about how we might help.

  • Ask your doctor if they are aware of any trials that might be an option for you. Don't be surprised if they don't know and you need to look for yourself - doctors can't know everything.
  • Search a trial register, for example: 


Learning about clinical trials is valuable knowledge for life. You don't know when you, or someone you know, might be diagnosed with something that has no treatment, inadequate treatments or a treatment you can't tolerate. Being aware of clinical trials, how to find them, and how to evaluate if they will be right for you means you have CHOICE.  Better to know about something and have the choice to participate or not, than to completely miss out on the opportunity. Your life, or that of someone you know might depend on it.

Wonder what it is like being in a clinical trial? Download the Diary of a Clinical Trial Participant a volunteer shared with us. We are collecting your stories so please get in touch if you have your own diary of participation to share.

Our Resource Library and online communities are launching soon. In the meantime, keep an eye on our Facebook page and newsletter, and check out our Why Clinical Trials Matter blog posts, links and twitter hashtag campaign.


We aim to work with a variety of stakeholders of clinical trials to help improve trial awareness, relevance, recruitment and retention through public engagement and involvement. 

Partners and clients include:

  • Health- and research-related consumer non-profit organisations
  • Academic institutions and medical research institutes
  • Health services
  • Commercial organisations running trials.

Contact us for a confidential discussion of your needs and how we might work together to improve public awareness, participation and partnership in clinical trials.