Re-imagining How You Think About and Engage in Clinical Trials

How safe and effective most of the treatments you take today are, is largely known as a result of clinical research.

Whether the treatment is for pain, mental health, diabetes, acne, migraines, cancer, or some other condition, people like you have played a role in getting you access to those treatments through their involvement in clinical trials.

You, too, can help. Research4Me would like to support you in that journey.  

We are developing resources and a community that supports people with information, rewards and peer interaction on their journey from learning about trials, to participating in and contributing their expertise to research. 

In time, this community will be a resource for those running trials (both academic and commercial) to engage and partner with to help improve the trial participant experience, as well as the relevance and success of their trial design, recruitment, retention, and sharing of results

Together, we can make clinical trials more patient-friendly, relevant & faster,
delivering better outcomes and improving lives tomorrow.

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