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Do you have questions about what to expect or how to get involved in clinical trials?

Are you looking to connect with others involved in clinical trials to share experiences?

Do you think you can help researchers identify research priorities, and make trials a better experience for participants?

Research4Me is here to support you on your journey before, during and after a clinical trial, as a carer of someone involved in trials, and as a collaborator with valuable experience to offer to improve research, and the experience for other trial participants.


There are plenty of places you can read about clinical trials, including the public areas of this website. The Research4Me community is however something different. It is a place for you to find community.

It’s people like you with questions about research, with trial experience, with ideas. People needing help and support around trials. People that can support you in trials. People that just want better treatments available more quickly. People that understand by getting involved, they can help make that happen.

We know you can help make a difference.

Research4Me Community Support Each Other

Tell us about your experience, whether or not you have been in a trial, as well as how you use technology.


Clinical trials are medical research studies which aim to figure out what interventions work, how safe those interventions are, and whether they are better than what is already available.

The interventions being tested could be diagnostic tests, devices, treatments, procedures, physical activities, or other interventions hoping to prevent, detect, treat or manage health issues.

Clinical trials require ethical approval and in most cases, for volunteers to be informed and consent before they take part.


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