Your participation in a trial is over. What happens now?

My trial treatment was blinded. When do I find out what treatment I was getting?

  When can I find out what treatment I was getting (if I was a blinded)? Even though you might be finished with trial visits, but there might still be other people going through the trial.  A trial will typically not be unblinded until all participants have finished their visits, and the data analysis is underway. As such, you may

What happens at the end of a trial?

  What should I know about the end of the trial, right from the start? The information sheet you received when the trial was first described to you before your agreed to take part should outline what the researchers think will happen at the end of the trial. Typically, you will be asked to return all trial-related medications, devices, equipment,

How and when do I get the study results ?

  How and when do I get the study results ? Clinical trial reports should be produced for every trial, and ideally published. Best practice is to report within 12 months of completing the last participant visit in a trial.  To date, those running trials have not always been very good at publishing reports, but there is mounting regulatory, funding


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