PC4 Annual Symposium 4 Apr 2019

On Thursday 4 Apr 2019, the Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group (PC4) are holding their annual Symposium in Melbourne. Visit our Event listing for program and registration details.

Research4Me has been informed health consumers are most welcome, and so, to demonstrate our commitment to increasing capacity for patient, carer and the public’s involvement in medical research, we are offering to cover the registration cost of two consumers that may not otherwise be able to attend. For clarity, Research4Me has no current association with PC4 or this event, other than making available this opportunity.

If you are a health consumer with an interest in cancer research and getting more involved in it, and would like to attend this symposium, please submit your expression of interest to attend by completing the form below by Thursday 28March at 9pm AEST.

To apply for one of the 2 passes, you must:
1. Identify primarily as a patient, carer or health consumer, not professionally involved in health and medical research.
3. Be able to attend the meeting in person;
4. Consent to the information you provide on this form being used to facilitate registration (as appropriate).
5. Complete the application form by 9pm, Thursday 28March19.
6. Be contactable on Friday 29 Apr to confirm registration details (if appropriate, and not already confirmed);
7. Be willing to accept the decision re free/subsidised passes of Research4Me as final.

Expressions of interest will be assessed based on:
1. Ability and willingness to attend the meeting in person.
2. Your reasons for attending and our perception of the value you and other consumers will derive from your attending of the event.
3. A completed application form.

There are 10 quick questions on the application form, which we think will take 2-5mins to complete, depending on how much you want to think about your answers. Only one application per person is required – multiple applications will not increase your chance of selection.

If you have any questions, please email us or message us via Research4Me social media channels. We will notify all applicants on 29Mar19 via email of the outcome of the applications.


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