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We constantly hear how hard it is to find clinical trials, and so would like to make the search for clinical trials easier.

Before we can do that, we need to understand what you like and don’t about current search websites, and what you would like to know about a trial before you contact anyone.

By completing this survey, you will help inform our advocacy to those that provide information about trials to make the information more relevant for patients, and help us find a solution for the Research4Me community. We don’t want to create something new if good trial search tools already exist – in fact we want to share those tools with our website visitors. But if there is room for improvement, then your feedback will help identify that.

There are 5-9 questions depending how you answer the first question, and we anticipate it will take on average 5-6 mins to complete the survey.

Complete the survey to tell us about your experience and what your ultimate clinical trial search tool would do/look like.


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