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Your experience matters. Your experience is unique.

If we are to improve public understanding of clinical trials, and clinical trials themselves, we need people to share their experiences.

We offer opportunities below for you to share those experiences.


Our surveys provide a way for you to provide feedback on your experience of clinical trials, whether or not you have taken part in one.

The information you provide helps inform our projects and strategy for improving trial awareness, participant experiences and involvement in research. Where consent is provided, your responses may be shared in our efforts to drive change.

The above surveys will take 10-20mins depending on the detail you provide, and can be done anonymously. In recognition of your donation of time to us, we will donate $5 for the first 100 surveys completed to one of the following Australian organisations supporting medical research:

SURVEY: The Ultimate Clinical Trials Search Tool

We constantly hear how hard it is to find clinical trials, and so would like to make that easier.

Before we can do that, we need to understand the issues people have finding trials, using current trial search tools and what information they wish was available via search tools about about clinical trials.

By completing this survey, you will help us find or create an appropriate data source and trial search tool to help the Research4Me community find trials. We don’t want to create something new if good trial search tools already exist – in fact we want to share those tools with our website visitors. But if there is room for improvement, then your feedback on this survey will help us look for ways to provide you with you what you wish existed.

There are 5-9 questions depending how you answer the first question, and we anticipate it will take on average 5-6 mins to complete the survey.

Complete the survey to tell us us what your ultimate clinical trial search tool would do/look like.

Find Clinical Trials

Diaries, Blogs, Video, and more.

Have you written a blog, video or diary about your experience taking part in a trial, that could help others understand the experience? Would you like to? Contact us to discuss how you would be happy to share this information.

As an example the first diary shared with us is to the right.  We will add other trial participant stories as they are shared with us in the Knowledge Centre under Public and Patient Stories.


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