Today we are launching #TrialsTues to shine a spotlight on and encourage involvement in clinical trials on an ongoing basis.

In 2005, ECRIN launched International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD), 20th May, to commemorate the day when James Lind started his famous clinical trial on scurvy in 1747, May 20th, and laid the foundation for modern clinical research. Since then, May has evolved into a month when individuals and organisations around the world focus their energies on raising awareness for and celebrating those involved in clinical trials research.

For example, this year, the US-based Coalition for Clinical Trials Awareness held their Clinical Trials Awareness Week #CTAW2018 from 30Apr-4May, next week the UK-based #WhyWeDoResearch clan will hold their annual Tweetfest covering various topics from 14-18May, there are various Australian-based events thoughout the month, including ACTA’s National Tribute and Award ceremony on 16May. Common hashtags used over this time include #ICTD and #clinicaltrialsday, along with the usual #clinicaltrials.

The increased activity at this single point in time is great for increasing the chance that the community will hear about clinical trials druing May. However our efforts need to continue beyond May. With 80% of clinical trials struggling to recruit volunteers within planned timelines, upwards of 30% of trials failing because they don’t recruit enough volunteers, and 10+% of trials failing to recruit anyone, this is both a time and resource waste society and patients can’t afford. Raising awareness of clinical trials, and more importantly, action by the community, needs constant activity throughout the year.

Every Tuesday, we will share with our community either via the website or our social medial channels, articles and stories created either by us, or other like minded individual and organisations, raising awareness and understanding of clinical trials. We encourage you to join in and use the hashtag #TrialsTues along with other’s we’ve started such as #WhyClinicalTrialsMatter and #AskAboutCTs as relevant, to create focal points for information about clinical trials.

If you’ve got a story to tell, or content about clinical trials you think fits the bill, feel free to tag us, contact us, or use the hashtag so we can help you share it.

Happy first #TrialsTues!

To kick things off, this recent Opinion piece in the Columbus Dispatch from someone that took part in a clinical trial as a healthy matched control may be of interest: Participating in clinical trials helps science, can save lives.




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