5 Reasons YOU & Those you Care About

Should Join Research4Me

Join Research4Me because:

1. You have questions about clinical trials, and don’t know who to ask.

2. You want hear about opportunities to get involved in research.

3. You have appropriate experience that can inform other members of the public on their clinical trial journey, and researchers looking to engage the community in their work.

4. You want to connect with and be part of a community making a difference.

5. It’s free, and you can keep your identity private.


A community working together for better treatments

Join the first social network aimed at supporting you with information AND community specifically around clinical trials.

By being part of this community, you can potentially help yourself and get the opportunity to be rewarded to help improve research and the treatments that might one day be available.




Not sure you can do anything to help? You might be surprised.

A common belief is that you need to dying to be involved in clinical trials, but that is simply not true.

By joining the community, you could be:

… helping find solutions to improve quality of life, such as managing headaches, pain, acne, insomnia, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, arthritis, mental health, stress, etc;

… helping figure out what can prevent health issues;

… helping design and test new digital technologies to support or improve health and wellbeing;

… helping make the information given out about trials more readable and understandable;

… helping direct where the patient need is in finding new solutions for a health condition;

… sharing your experience to better inform trial design;

… helping someone in the community that is looking for options or has questions that you have answers for;

… getting supported in your own quest to be involved in clinical trials;

… helping yourself or someone you know.



What you should know about us before joining…

YOU decide what you are willing to share publicly inside the community. You create your public profile name, so people don’t have to know who you are.

We don’t share or sell our database to anyone.  We won’t share any personal information revealed on the site to anyone, without your explicit permission.

Our Privacy Policy can tell you more, and please contact us if you have questions at any time.

The Research4Me community is free for anyone to join, to use for non-professional purposes. We make this possible by selling services to non-commercial and commercial organisations with an interest in clinical trials and/or developing new health interventions/treatments/devices.

We will always be transparent about our relationships, so you can make choices about what opportunities or content you engage with. In return, we we ask that you are are equally authentic and honest in your interactions within the community.


So, do you CARE enough about yourself, your loved ones and friends, to want better options available faster?

Get involved. Make a difference. Join Research4Me.

Together we can make better, relevant, needed treatments available faster.

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