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You don’t need to be terminally ill or out of options to get involved in medical research.

Every day, researchers are looking for people from all walks of life, different abilities, different ages, and different health issues (or maybe even completely healthy people) to be involved in their research. Sometimes it can be as simple as completing questionnaires, and other times more long term physical commitments are needed.

80% of clinicaltrials struggle to find volunteers. 30% fail because they can’t find enough volunteers.


Change the game by getting into the game. By registering with us, you are least giving yourself the chance to hear about the research looking for people. You may never do anything. But what if you hear about something that might actually help and suit you or someone you know.

You will often only hear about research opportunities

because someone knows you want to.

What you should know about us before registering…

We provide services to help the research community improve and speed up their research (both commercial and non-commercial) through better patient, carer and public engagement. This revenue helps us support our advocacy, outreach, training and support activities for patients and carers.

The more people like you willing to register and engage with us, the more we can do to support patients and carers to be involved in research and help researchers involve people to make sure the research that matters to patients and carers is done.

Your privacy is our utmost concern. We will not sell your information to third parties and we work very hard to keep the information you provide to us safe and secure.  Our Privacy Policy can tell you more. Please contact us if you have questions at any time.


You are our greatest partner.

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Together, we can help solve it, improving and saving lives in the process.


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