Your lived experience of a health condition, or the health system, can help shape the medical research and treatments of the future.


You do not need to be a qualified scientist to be involved in medical research.

You don’t need to be dying, to play a valuable role.


Every day, people like you, are getting involved in research, on research committees, on funding review panels, in research groups, reviewing documentation, co-designing and co-presenting research. You can help make a difference to the lives of people in the future, and may even help empower yourself with information, relationships and care that may bring you personal benefit.

By joining our database, you will have the potential to:

1. Hear about clinical trials and other medical research projects looking for people to participate;
2. Hear of opportunities to help researchers looking to improve their research;
3. Put up your hand to potentially be part of our Gamechanger Advocates program, coming soon.




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You don’t need to be terminally ill or out of options to get involved in medical research. You may even be perfectly healthy, or care for someone with health challenges.

Did you know 80% of clinical trials are delayed because of difficulty finding participants, and 30% of trials  may never complete for the same reason? Something needs to change. Patients are waiting.

Change the health game by getting into the research game. Even if you doubt you will ever do anything, give yourself the chance to at least hear about the ways you could get involved, which may one day help you, or your family, children, friends, neighbours or colleagues.



What you should know about us before registering…

We provide services to help the research community improve and speed up their research (both commercial and non-commercial) through better patient, carer and public engagement. This revenue helps us support our advocacy, outreach, training and support activities for patients and carers.

The more people that join us, the better the chance we can create a sustainable community that will both support you, and make a real difference, together, in medical research.

Your privacy is our utmost concern. We will not sell your information to third parties and we work very hard to keep the information you provide to us safe and secure.  Our Privacy Policy can tell you more. Please contact us if you have questions at any time.


You are medical research’s greatest partner.

Without you, medicine can’t advance. New or better treatments won’t be uncovered. The questions patients want answered may never be asked.

Patients and researchers need you, and everyone you know, to care enough about medical research to get involved.

Spread the word, and lead by example. Join us in our mission to build a community making a difference.

What might you or someone you know miss out on if you don’t?


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